Guzmán, M. y Pérez, A. 2007. La Teoría de Género y su Principio de Demarcación Científica. Cinta moebio 30: 283-295


Gender theory and its scientific demarcation principle

Dra. Maricela Guzmán ( Universidad del Valle de México campus Villahermosa (Teapa, México)
Dr. Augusto Pérez ( Universidad del Valle de México campus Villahermosa (Teapa, México


A semantic confusion prevails with respect to the terms “gender theory” or “feminist theory”. In this work it is discussed with respect to the principle of demarcation of Popper a possibility of establishing a criterion that allows to differentiate between the feminist or gender theoretical proposals that satisfy the basic epistemological criteria from another type of proposals that respond more to political or ideological interests or that does not contain the necessary elements to be considered scientific because they constitute isolates hypotheses or empirical results that they do not articulate theoretically. We propose that it is necessary a metatheory like George Ritzer’s proposal, who allows to discover and to organize the theoretical material available.

Key words: gender theory, feminist theory, feminist epistemology, metatheory, demarcation principle.

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