Flores-González, L.M. 2008. Posiciones y Orientaciones Epistemológicas del Paradigma de la Complejidad. Cinta moebio 33: 195-203


Perspectives and epistemological orientations of the complexity paradigm

Dr. Luis M. Flores-González (lmflores@puc.cl) Facultad de Educación. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Santiago, Chile).


The natural tendency to identify complexity with intricate and confusing issues is also a natural way to simplify the complex network of knowledge and the phenomenon of knowledge. This article presents guidelines and starting points of complex thought in the light of the paradigm of complexity suggested by E. Morin. This paradigm is not only a reaction to classical rationalism or positivism in the sciences, but above all, the adoption of an epistemological position that has been present since the origin of philosophical thought.

Keywords: Complex thinking, limits of knowledge, paradigm.

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