Covarrubias, F. 2010. El Proceso de Construcción de Corpus Teóricos. Cinta moebio 37: 15-28


Theoretical Corpus Construction Process

Dr. Francisco Covarrubias-Villa ( Centro Interdisciplinario de Investigación para el Desarrollo Integral Regional, Unidad Michoacán del Instituto Politécnico Nacional (Michoacán, México)


Every theory is based on a rationality that implies a definition of reality (ontology) and its related epistemological definition; hence every theory perceives certain shapes and contents of reality different from one another. That perceived implies a certain way to construct knowledge, i.e., research objects, test, instruments and hypothesis. The non resolve enigmas in a theory transformed in anomalies and the time comes when scientists create theories with referents of “falsifiable” theories o even discarded ones, articulated with referents coming from non theoretical forms of apprehension of reality such as religion, art and the empirical, creating a new hegemonic theory.

Key words: paradigm, theory, anomaly, facts, tests

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