Toro, S. 2010. Corporeidad y Lenguaje. Cinta moebio 37: 44-60


Bodyness and Language

Dr. Sergio Toro-Arévalo ( Instituto de Filosofía y Estudios Educacionales. Universidad Austral de Chile (Valdivia, Chile).


The present work has as objective to analyse the embodied dimension of language, reviewing the conceptual issues of cognition, mind and language. Starting from the emerging of new data and knowledge that come from different disciplinary areas and taking Merlau-Ponty’s phenomenology as epistemological option, creating a critique to the functional approaches of language and its contrast with the mention author’s descriptions and also the cognitive sciences. The results of the study are oriented to explicit and show the language as a process of vivid body or corporeal manifestation and presence, which establish the possibility of considering movement, understood as intentionality in movement, as a text or discursive non-verbal interpretation.

Key words: Cognition, embodied language, epistemology, movement, phenomenology, action

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