Blanco, C.J. 2012. Causalidad Psicobiológica y Pluralismo. Cinta moebio 45: 275-293


Psychobiology Causality and Pluralism

Dr. Carlos Javier Blanco ( Facultad de Filosofía, Universidad de Oviedo (Oviedo, España)


I present different approaches to psychological causality usually neglected. The debate between mechanism and dualism in psychology has obscured other pluralistic philosophical positions. I begin by setting out Schopenhauer’s position, the "analogic" one, which includes, in a pluralistic view, diverse causations (mechanical, stimulate, and motive reasons) but with a monism of the will at the noumenal level. Then, I review other approaches in psychology and biological sciences: dialectical, constructivist and biosemiotics. All agree to see reality as plural and self-constituted.

Key words: psychological causality, dialectical process, biosemiotics, constructivism

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