Cruz, M.A., Reyes, M.J. y Cornejo, M. 2012. Conocimiento situado y el problema de la subjetividad del investigador/a. Cinta moebio 45: 253-274


Situated knowledge and the problem of researcher subjectivity

Mg. María Angélica Cruz ( Instituto de Sociología, Universidad de Valparaíso (Santiago, Chile)

Dra. María José Reyes ( Departamento de Psicología, Universidad de Chile (Santiago, Chile)

Dra. Marcela Cornejo ( Escuela de Psicología, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Santiago, Chile)


The present article approaches, from the point of view of research practices, the debate on how to consider knowledge in terms of the objectivity/subjectivity pair, especially when the topics studied involve the researcher directly. Specifically, the article will focus on situated knowledge, arguing for rigorous but non-neutral objectivity and for the legitimacy of producing scientific knowledge from the perspective of those involved in the issues studied.

Key words: situated knowledge, researcher subjectivity, autobiographical story, collective memory, Chilean military dictatorship

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