Morales, J.J. 2012. De los aspectos sociales del desarrollo económico a la teoría de la dependencia: sobre la gestación de un pensamiento social propio en Latinoamérica. Cinta moebio 45: 235-252


From social aspects of economic development to dependency theory. Latin America own thinking beginning

Dr. Juan Jesús Morales ( Grupo de investigación de Sociología en Lengua Castellana, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Madrid, España)


In the epistemological context of theory transfer and scientific exchanges, the aim of this paper is to indicate the presence of Weberian categories and ideas on dependency theory formulated by Fernando Cardoso and Enzo Faletto. Here we see how the construction of this paradigm was based on some issues, concepts, approaches and orientations of the Weberian research program formulated by José Medina Echavarría to explain Latin American development. We will also consider the contexts of enunciation and reception theories, allowing us to talk about the “sociological school” that was formed in the Social Planning Division of ILPES in mid-sixties, crucial for understanding the history of sociology in Latin America.

Key words: social aspects of economic development, dependency theory, Weberian sociology, sociological school, own thought.

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