Blanco C. 2005. El Constructivismo Biológico: ¿Una alternativa al realismo?. Cinta moebio 22: 73-82


Biological Constructivism: An Alternative to Realism?

Carlos Javier Blanco Martín ( Departamento de Filosofía. Instituto "Juan D’ Opazo", Daimiel, Ciudad Real (España)


We attempt a review to several currents that, nowadays, are self-claimed "constructivists", inside of a biological overview of knowledge. We’ll try to throw some light about the question: are all of them a very alternative to realism? If they are in opposition of realism, or they are antipodal to it, these currents are charged with the same metaphysics that is alleged to margin. We’ll review some theories: Maturana´s, von Galssersfeld´s and biosemiotics (Emmeche, Kull). Several philosophic antecedents that are alleged to be actualised permit us to judge about their inconsistency, inasmuch their enemy, the very realism is also inconsistent.

Key words: constructivism, realism, representationalism, cognitive biology, biosemiotics.

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