Gibert J. 2005. Formalismo, Sistemismo y Explicación: Comentarios a la teoría sociopoiética. Cinta moebio 22: 83-99


Formalism, Sistemism and Explanation: Comments on Sociopoietic Theory

Jorge Gibert Galassi ( Doctor en Filosofía. Académico de la Universidad de Viña del Mar (Chile)


This essay discusses three axioms of sociopoietic theory from the point of view of philosophy of social science. The first axiom, its de-ontologised character, it is associated to theory formalism and it allows to question the validity of a factual theory that do not presuppose the reality. The second one, allow to discuss the pertinence of the social system concept adopted by the sociopoietic view. Finally, argue that a theory about something it is not possible without having an explanation about this "something", and it is asked how an epistemology of the event can acquired content excluding the radical determinism and including the problem of the agent in its whereabouts.

Key words: philosophy of science, sistemism, explanation, sociopoiesis

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