Juarros M. 2005. Transferencia Científica: Un estudio de caso sobre las políticas de vinculación Universidad-Sector Productivo. Cinta moebio 22: 127-136


Scientific Transference: The relationship between University and Private Companies

María Fernanda Juarros (fjuarros@unq.edu.ar). Magíster en Política y Gestión de la Ciencia y la Tecnología. Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina)


In the past two decades radical changes in the field of research and development have occurred, in both central and developing countries. In many cases, traditional sources of financing, provided mainly by national governments, blocked, were re-allowed according to new criteria or decreased substantially. Since this change began to be noticed, universities found themselves shocked by the fact that docent researchers deemed of great importance that studies and research should tend to be of practical application.

The present paper aims at establishing some characteristics of the deterministic, a voluntary or a dialectical perspective to analyze and to understand this trend in the intensification of the relationship between university and enterprise, and the consequent link of the market principles to the academic values. In regard to academic researchers, it is also central in the new types of scientific production.

Key words: analysis perspective, perceptions, motives

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