Aguirre J. 2006. Estatus Epistemológico de la Conversación y sus Aportes a la Práctica Investigativa. Cinta moebio 25: 89-98


Epistemological status of the conversation and their contributions to the research practice

Juan Carlos Aguirre García ( Maestría en Filosofía, Universidad de Caldas. Profesor de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Sede


The present work is centered in the understanding of the conversation like typically human phenomenon and explores the possibility to claim its heuristic paper in the investigation processes in human sciences. The day-to-day of its use has made of the conversation an instrument, a mean, forgetting that, in itself, is the life of the language and this in turn, is the genuinely human being. The structure of the text will have two sections: in the first one an analysis of the conversation is made, highlighting its most important elements; subsequently, we think about the possibility to consider it in itself a source of information and it will be tried to present some code forms supported in the grounded theory.

Keywords: conversation, self, other, speak, listen, code.

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