Jaramillo L. y Del Mar J. 2006. Más allá de la Distinción Hegemónica entre Ciencia y Pseudociencia: Los hilos rotos por el trópico. Cinta moebio 25: 99-110


Beyond the hegemonic distinction between science and pseudoscience

Luis Guillermo Jaramillo Echeverri (ljaramillo@unicauca.edu.co). Magíster en Educación y Desarrollo Humano. Profesor de Investigación. Facultad de Ciencias Naturales, Exactas y de la Educación. Universidad del Cauca. Colombia.
Juanita Del Mar Vesga Parra (juanitavesga@ubicar.com). Licenciatura en Etnoeducación. Departamento de Estudios Interculturales. Universidad del Cauca. Colombia.


Our thoughts on the knowledge that we are out, in the periphery, are still deceiving us; the conviction we have when we ask others to react when their own beings are denied; the recovering of what is ours by law, the possibility to imagine the world from our localities; to act critically towards the consumption desires of things constantly offered by the mass media. Today, more than ever before we begin to understand that reality is exactly the displacement of our experience, the displacement of that weave composed by short movements that need a different way of observing, a close analysis, in the words of Handke and Serres. This awakening forces us to critically observe that our ways of being and acting in this world are opposed to the methodological monism offered by other scopes to understand our own context.

Key words: knowledge, places, territory, science, pseudoscience.

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