Arnold-Cathalifaud, M. 2008. Las organizaciones desde la teoría de los sistemas sociopoiéticos. Cinta moebio 33: 90-108


Organizations from the point of view of Sociopoitic System Theory

Dr. Marcelo Arnold-Cathalifaud ( Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Universidad de Chile (Santiago, Chile)


This essay presents an application to describe the organization of the organizations based in a constructivist approach, as developed by the Bielefeld Systemic School, and which gives shape to a programme to observe organizations as sociopoietic systems. The presentation is divided in four sections: in the first are displayed antecedents that make sense to our thoughts about organizations, the second contains the epistemological foundations of our observations, and the third shows specific applications of the sociopoietic programme in organizations. Finally, it is considered intrinsic problems to organization intervention, the agent roles in cultural change, their requirements and projections of this proposal.

Key words: organizations, epistemology, sociopoiesis, social systems, constructivism.

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