Gutiérrez, D. 2009. La Construcción de Indicadores como Problema Epistemológico. Cinta moebio 34: 16-36


The Construction of Indicators as an Epistemological Problem

Dr. Daniel Gutiérrez ( División de Ciencias Sociales, Universidad de Sonora (Sonora, México)


The construction of indicators does not constitute a smaller epistemological problem, quite the opposite, requires the exigency of a critical way to reflection, to take control and to reconstruct the reality; it requires of monitoring, and permanent ruptures and its corresponding forms to reorganize the thought. The main problem in the construction of indicators does not have to do with the theory itself or the operation of the concepts. The fundamental question is how someone thinks, how someone takes control and how the object is constructed. The indicators constitute an empirical definition of the object and are product of a theoretical construction of the subject on the phenomenon to discover specific concrete of the object.

Keywords: subject-object, epistemological ruptures, indicator, theoretical construction.

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