López, M. 2012. Revictimización y procesamiento de la información: problemas en el estudio de las dificultades de razonamiento. Cinta moebio 44: 153-168


Revictimization and information processing: problems in the study of reasoning difficulties

Dr. Miguel López Astorga (milopez@utalca.cl) Instituto de Estudios Humanísticos “Juan Ignacio Molina”, Universidad de Talca (Talca, Chile)


DePrince relates problems such as dissociation, revictimization and difficulties in social cognition. In particular, she states that individuals with dissociation or have been, by their own testimony, revictimized show obvious difficulties to solve selection tasks designed as social contracts or precautory problems. In my view, these facts mean that, if we accept the theories that there are mechanisms in human mind to regulate social exchanges and situations of risk, individuals with dissociation or revitimized may have altered such mechanisms. However, these theories have been critized and we have no evidence that they are valid. Therefore, in this paper, not admitting the existence of these mechanisms, I try to show that DePrince’s outcomes can be interpreted from other perspectives.

Keywords: caution, dissociation, reasoning, revictimization, social contract

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