Sandoval, J. 2013. Una perspectiva situada de la investigación cualitativa en ciencias sociales Cinta moebio 46: 37-46


A situated approach of the qualitative research in social science

Dr. Juan Sandoval ( Escuela de Psicología, Universidad de Valparaíso (Valparaíso, Chile)


In the present essay we propose explore a situated approach to knowledge, the action and the discourse; analyzing some of its theoretical and epistemological implications for the qualitative research in social science. First, based on notions of background and articulation, we propose one theoretical scheme about knowledge as “situated action”. Secondly, we analyze the implications of this theoretical approach, in the conceptual perspective of discourse, and then in the methodological field, on the ways of implementing the qualitative social research practices.

Key words: background, articulation, discourse, epistemology, qualitative research

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