Cinta de Moebio: Revista de Epistemología de Ciencias Sociales

Pacheco, T. (2017) La investigación social como actividad institucionalizada y como experiencia socio-histórica. Cinta moebio 58: 47-60. doi: 10.4067/S0717-554X2017000100047


The social research as institutionalized activity and as socio-historic experience

Teresa Pacheco-Méndez ( Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Ciudad de México, México) ORCID: 0000-0003-2498-7113


As any social activity, research in social sciences is institutionalized by the action of individuals, establishing certain mechanisms that regulate -through defined organizational patterns- its social and institutional activities. In this way, the social research developed in higher education institutions is experienced by their actors as an established and objective reality that precedes the actual individual; a reality attached to a clear definition of roles, situations and behaviors. From a sociological perspective, and confronting the interference of the current information and communications technologies, in this paper are explored the obstacles and opportunities facing the institutionalized condition of social research, and their actors in societies with different types of development. For that purpose, we look into the connection of four dimensions of the problem: the expansion and dispersion of human and social sciences; the institution as a regulatory structure for the organization of the research activity; the academic researcher as the main actor, and finally, the role of "academic peer" as an arbiter of a competition more institutional than cognitive.

Key words: social sciences, social research, higher education institutions, normative framework, social research actors.

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