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Quiroz, L. (2017) Capacidades explicativas de las teorías de integración, dominación e interdependencia en el análisis de los linchamientos. Cinta moebio 58: 89-102. doi: 10.4067/S0717-554X2017000100089


Explanatory capacity of the theories of integration, domination and interdependence in the analysis of lynching

Loreto Quiroz ( Centro de Estudios de Conflicto y Cohesión Social (Santiago, Chile) ORCID: 0000-0002-0403-3948


The article explores in the explanatory capacity of some of the main sociological theories on integration, domination and interdependence, to understand the action, specifically lynching, without implying total and reciprocally exclusive interpretations of these actions. On the contrary, it tries to look for different partial entries to its explanation, fragments of what lynching are not and/or what they partially are. The text notes that the disruption of these actions in relation with the theories examined could be explained considering that in them, consciousness and practice were developed as binary oppositions. This would at best operate in successive moments, but in these cases the action could be explained by either one of these levels. In the lynching case, it is possible that these two strata explain the action jointly.

Key words: lynching, action, integration, domination, interdependence.

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